Lainstaurn Gordon Setters

 Owned by Steve and Jenny Gibson

242 Horseshoe Falls Bandera, TX 78003


About Gordon Setters

The Gordon Setter is a large breed of dog, a member of the setter family. Gordon Setters, also known as “black and tans”, have a black coat with distinctive markings of a rich tan color on their paws and lower legs, vents, throat, and muzzles; one spot above each eye; and two spots on their chest.  Alexander Gordon, the 4th Duke of Gordon (1743–1827), established his kennel of Black and Tan Setters at Gordon Castle, located near Fochabers, Scotland.  The breed was brought to the United States by George Blunt and Daniel Webster in 1842, with the purchase of two dogs named Rake and Rachel from the Duke’s kennels. 

Gordon Setters are a pointing breed, and the original purpose of the breed was to hunt gamebirds.  The American Kennel Club officially recognized the breed in 1892 and Gordon Setters are a member of the Sporting Group.  The AKC describes the Gordon Setter temperament as “alert, interested, and confident. He is fearless and willing, intelligent, and capable. He is loyal and affectionate, and strong-minded enough to stand the rigors of training”.

Our Philosophy

At Lainstaurn Gordon Setters our goal is a versatile Gordon Setter, who is a great companion, can compete in the show ring, and loves to be in the field.  Our Gordon Setters are loved companions and owner trained and handled to their bench and hunting titles.


Steve and Jenny Gibson are members of :

Gordon Setter Club of America

Badgerland Gordon Setter Club

Sunbelt Gordon Setter Club

AKC Breeder of Merit